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    An organizer for your porn, written in Go. Stash is a Go app which organizes and serves your porn.

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    • sx
      sxyalicerose liked Stash
      25 days ago
    • Gu
      Guest reviewed Stash
      Read about it on reddit. I have a 4TB collection so I thought it would be cool. As most comments say here Stash is cool for adding info but thats all. I expect to play my stuff not only tag it... at least that's what they say it does.
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      about 2 months ago
    • nabeha6323 reviewed Stash
      It defeats the purpose of a frontend for your collection since its difficult to use it. You will be losing time configuring all, tagging etc but then you will realize that playing a folder with all types of content in windows is MUCH easier than having to play file by file in this frontend. A big no-no for people wanting to actually watch their collection.
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      2 months ago