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So I bought this to try it out and paid the $15 for their mobile and desktop app bundle. I was not impressed. The app signon is non-persistent. As soon as you take an action moving playlists, it signs you out of all the sessions with the different service providers.

Further, some of the services require you to give your credentials to STAMP directly, as opposed to using the service providers (Spotify,Apple,Tidal) hosted OAUTH page. This means the security of these services is compromised as it is not tokenized -- STAMP can see and save your credentials if they choose to.

The service does not cache DNS queries for the lookups it does. Every time it matches a song, it makes a new DNS request and reconnects to the service providers API. This means your computer is flooding your upstream DNS provider with DNS queries. I started transfering a list of 8,000 songs from Apple to Spotify, and am using CloudFlare DNS. CloudFlare blocked my home IP from their DNS servers for an hour after using this app for less than 3 minutes -- a little over 1,000 songs into the transfer. When it begins failing on API calls, it does not self-throttle or backoff the speed at all. It just continues failing at the accelerated rate.

This is junk. Total junk. I will be asking for my Satisfaction Guaranteed refund today. I tried out Soundiiz next, and that was really amazing. I wish I had tried it first. In my opinion don't use STAMP and use Soundiiz instead.

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Stamp's a very niche tool with an asking price of $10. I ran a playlist of my own, about 5,000 songs through it to which it was only able to successfully find 3,400 of them. So, why the high rating? Well, I've tried Tune My Music which didn't seem to import .csv file playlists with the same elegance and with only an m3u it has made a number of errors. For example, Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra isn't a terrible listen, but when I'm expecting Witchcraft by Pendulum it sticks out like a sore thumb. There's Soundiiz, which might be alright but asking a subscription fee for playlist-transferring...I dunno. I want this service for sure but that cost would add up well over Stamp's $10 if I use the required premium settings three times or more in my lifetime.

I honestly prefer the service that prioritizes accuracy over quantity of "matches." Letting Stamp recreate my offline playlists to the best of its ability still saves a lot of headache with playlists of this size.

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