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Yahoo answers for coders

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This website focuses more on policing how you ask the question, rather than actually taking the time to answer your specific problem. I asked an extremely specific question about variables resetting, and how many if/else statements I need.

Find somewhere else to get your answers.


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Good to find a question, useless to ask a question. In the past, it was a great place and still, you can find a lot of useful information. Now it has a rubbish community that minus your every question if it has more than two sentences.


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Great website, garbage community. Apparently everyone here is a stuck up asshole who if you type a question that's too long to read (when it isn't), you'll get spammed with downvotes and your question will be put on hold. And this happens with a matter of seconds, not hours. "Like, holy fucking shit, your question is too long for my lazy fatass to read? You fucking inferior human being get out of our community" It's insane and hard to comprehend that a community this shit is actually allowed to exist.

There seriously needs to be a person with a brain to come along and moderate this website, because if there was, then half of the people there would be banned within a week.


ComputerScience University

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need an answer to something in computerscience? stackoverflow

also reddit.com is helpful

quora if you want biased answers


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If you want to be troll fodder for the moderators and such, go there. Some stuff is weak code seeded by hackers. If you ask a question that doesn't have a text book answer, it gets down voted. It used to be a nice site till the trolls took over as moderators, and down vote or delete questions.

This site tries to cater to the programming community, but its a gimmick to try to sell you "advice" that can be obtained free.


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This web site has a big community grow up like worms after rain. Don't ask the question first go and search! The question that comes to your mind has already been asked a million times! Minuse is - when you ask the question you need to waste lot of days or maybe weeks, for this I find a good alternative to post on other forums "cross-post".



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Usually has the most detailed and up-to-date answers.
Unlike Experts-Exchange, content is relatively open (cc by-sa 3.0)
Use Stack Overflow if you want answers. Use Quora if you want bragging.


Fantastic Q&A for programming

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Stack Overflow seems to the place to go if you have questions about programming! - For more general Q&A I would recommend Quora.


Yea, it's simply the best and has made the life of a developer so much easier.

Yes, totally agree, for that purpose it is great though

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Stack Overflow is the place you want to go if you have questions regarding anything. A no-nonsense community of scholars who generously share the things they know. It is a Quora for higher education.