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Well featured, offers end-to-end encryption... two thumbs up!

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Stackfield can be an excellent alternative to collaboration tools like Slack and task management apps like Todoist or Asana.

It allows teams to work within rooms (e.g. each room corresponding to a project), message each other, assign and share tasks and track progress from different perspective: what different workers are up to, color-coded calendars corresponding to specific projects or everything together. The calendar has a day, week, month and agenda view.

It's very refreshing to find a task management app that realizes the convenience of integrating directly a calendar in the same place.

Stackfield's greatest advantage - which, I fear, far too few will value - is that it enables end-to-end encrypted messaging and file sharing. A team can work within a project in which contents are encryped/decrypted on the client computers, meaning that the data is impossible to snoop on my Slackfield, its admins or to any hackers, if they ever breached the company's servers. In case you don't appreciate the significance of this, consider that popular "productivity" apps - in fact, almost any you can think of - doesn't offer such encryption. At best, companies like Dropbox and Slack might encrypt customer data server-side, which means that they receive it, then encrypt it themselves using a key they hold onto. That means a) they can view it, b) lose it, or c) be forced by law to give it up. All of which has happened to the likes of Dropbox and Evernote. It's simply a terrible security/privacy model. End-to-end encrypted services have typically been file backup/sync services like Spideroak or Tresorit. However, Stackfield breaks the mold here in offering collaboration, task management and file sharing. Whether you find it as convenient is one thing, but it's much more secure than 99% of the alternatives.

Perhaps Stackfield's biggest weakness it that it has no iPhone or Android app.


Love it!

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I was searching for an end-to-end encrypted alternative to Slack and found it with Stackfield! In addition, we are now able to work with tasks and calendars without the need to switch between different tools. Definitely a great tool that simplifies our daily work!



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I have tried almost any project-management tool there is.
I could never get used to Asana. Wunderlist is great, but it is not ideal to upload, preview und comment picutes (screenshots) and have group conversations.

Since I discovered Stackfield I don't need to look any further!

  • All content is encrypted
  • it is lighting fast (best in Chrome)
  • no ads or other crap
  • got beautiful UI
  • desktop notifications
  • perfect for group conversations (facebook style)
  • and it is easy to upload pictures, comment and asign taks.

I <3 it


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Looks good but VERY expensive for a non profit community