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Long past its use-by date.

Stack Exchange is hobbled by a one-two punch of gamification and mismoderation antipractices, which combine to create a site of consistently outdated answers. By locking core functionality behind a pointwall, they promote point-seeking behaviors that encourage creating the most popular answer, instead of collaborating on the most correct answer. High-point answers rise to the top like curdles in milk, even if the 'answer' is years or decades out of date, because commenting on high-point answers is one of the only reliable ways to get the upvotes you need to unlock core functionality. Moderation closes questions as 'opinion-based' when a simple yes-no question has been asked. Users with more points than you can alter the text of your question (!!!) to one they feel is more 'factual', resulting in people responding to a question you didn't ask and don't need answers to. Legitimate questions can be indefinitely locked without appeal, and any rephrasing of the question will also be locked because they answered you (by locking your question). No ignore functionality means you're SOL if you have issues with problematic users, as well.


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Stinky community of dolts and impudent mugs.
I want to warn everyone against the deceitful description of "expert communities passionate about a focused topic" on the main page of this crappy site. Don't believe it! Actually this "community" is a stinky swamp full of toads that is not looked after AT ALL. You wanna know what I mean? Here you go!
I've recently joined a couple of StackExchange's sites on the topics where I had problems to solve. I was hoping to find solutions for those problems there because they described themselves as "a network of sites dedicated to providing high-quality questions and answers, with the modest goal of making the Internet a better place". No way! The actual story was absolutely different.
I asked my questions (one per community) with detailed descriptions of my problems and started waiting for the answers. I'm stressing the fact that for each question I've chosen exactly the community that was dedicated to the question's topic. In a couple of days I checked it out and discovered that both the questions on each
community were "put on hold" (i.e. closed for answers) as "off-topic" due to several users' opinions.
The reasons for those closures were described there and were total bullshit not relating to my questions at all.
Their rules said like "If you don't agree to the question's closure, you can describe your objections. Be constructive in that. You can also flag the question for moderator's attention." And that's what I did! Patiently and in great detail I explained wny those closures were erroneous and actually sabotaged the forum's purpose of helping people
find solutions to their problems. For one of the questions the closure's reason was so stupid that I advised the morons who pointed to it to find a better occupation but harming other users. I flagged the questions and waited for moderators' response.
Soon the response came. And quess what? They didn't answer to any of my thoroughly described concerns and didn't take them into account! They just confirmed the claims of those dolts who voted for closing my question by closing one of them completely and sending the other to another forum, which was less relevant for that question. The only answer they gave me was "we observed some rudeness in you question bla-bla-bla. We're suspending your account for a week." Oh really? You noticed my rudeness and how about the impudence of those saboteurs?
I wrote them another message telling that if they punish me for rudeness then they must punish those who sunk my questions. I demanded to report on the measures they've taken against them. I also reminded that moving my questions was undeserved and they must be put back where they belong. Then I waited for the answer.
You'll never guess what happened next. The answer was... none! They didn't respond to me at all and didn't change anything! So I decided to turn to the contact page, which said like "you can write to us if you can't solve an issue with the moderators". And that's what I did - I briefly described the situation and asked them to answer me on the email so that I could explain the issue in detail.
You might think that after all this struggling I finally got help with my issue. Don't you! As well as before,
I didn't get any response from the administration. So I wrote them another message where I pressed upon them demanding to answer to me at once. And finally (can you believe it?) THE ANSWER CAME! But it contained neither an apology, nor a request for conflict's details, nor even a promise to take the measures. No,sir! Instead it said: "You just flew off the hinges for your account being suspended and there's nothing else to discuss".
Then I realized why there was no response all this time. These impudent mugs called moderators and administrators, whose task is to take after the forum's discussions and stop the improper behavior in case it violates the forum's purpose and ethical borders, don't bother to do that at all! They didn't even read my thoroughly described arguments.
They pretend to fulfill their duties but essentially they just let the things slide and simply follow what most users' do even if these users are dolts and saboteurs. Thus they don't care to protect a particular user. That's what they actually mean by saying the community is "self-moderated".
I guess it's much simplier for them to act that way - there's no need to do the hard job of investigating each claim individually (the way it's meant to be done) - you just follow what the "community" decided. Easy breezy! And these are the consequences of this filthy attitude - with no proper care the pests don't linger to appear.
So this "community" is actually a stinky swamp of toads covered by fine deceitful slogans. If you respect yourself at all, go round it and find a different place to solve your problems.

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Firstly: stop using google translate

Secondly: get treated for autism