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This is an excellent tool which is very stable and quite friendly to use. It replaced MS SQL Server Management Studio, Sybase Interactive SQL, and Oracle SQL Developer on my desktop. While I still have those tools when I need something unique to that database SQuirreL has been my go-to daily use tool for several years. Most of the developers in our shop have installed SQuirrel and like it.

Here are some of the niffy features:

  • Rotate the result rows (great for printing)
  • Always adjust column widths (no more manually truncating data or headers)
  • Bookmarks for your common queries
  • Auto-correct spelling, e.g. form to from.
  • Auto-completion with ctrl+spacebar, e.g. cust ctrl+spacebar completes as customer and pkCus ctrl+spacebar completes as pkCustomer. If Squirrel finds multiple matches it will present a list to choose from.
  • Should never have to do sp_help again, the column metadata is always available as a tab after you run the query and the table indexes are always shown under Objects/sybdevg/dbo/TABLE/ Indexes Tab
  • Detects misspelled columns and misspelled table names! (course you need a from clause for it to know which table to check for the column name)
  • for Oracle, it includes an Explain Plan tab similar to SQL Developer AutoTrace.

The only con is that installation can be tricky but the rewards are worth it.

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This is a great language for working with data science. I'm a crazy fan of this. Nice!


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Me and my coworkers really don't like this tool. Usability is bad, the process of setting it up to use a new DB is tedious (having to find and copy the drivers and tell Squirrel SQL where to find the drivers), it frequently freezes when doing simple things like just pasting a query into the query window, and doesn't respond to commands to close it, you get annoying prompts when closing it. But, at the same time, it's pretty much the only we've found so far that does what it does. It's just overall annoying to work with, but it's the only thing I have that does the job I need, so I grudgingly use it.

I am looking for a good replacement. Perhaps Dbeaver will be good.

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