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Comment by Reprotected
about SpywareBlaster · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as spam

Can't complain about this software since it's free, but now as we move on to Chrome, Opera, Safari or another browsers, this software just can't keep up. Heck, this thing can't protect Firefox exception from some tracking cookies, but that's the best it can do. The restricted website list is terribly small; thus it can't protect IE from any incoming new malware. The CLSID ActiveX list is also quite slow in updates, and it doesn't look reliable to be preventing browser exploits and other security flaws in IE. It's probably the lowest amount of security that we are provided with, but if any chance that you still use IE and install malicious ActiveX, this MAY come in handy, but I don't put my bets on it. I remember when this software was the saviour of 2002-2005 when most malicious software came in ActiveX packets; but now it's gone, and this software is simply dead.


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