Spyrix Employee Monitoring Reviews

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I installed Spyrix Employee Monitoring 3 months ago when I noticed that my employees became inefficient. I'm very busy and I can't control them every day at the office, so I downloaded the software and installed it on 12 computers at the office and started monitoring them from my online account. The soft has shown me that my employees waste time drinking tea and chatting on FB. I found out that the majority of my employees were slackers. I fired 2 people and found new employees who were ready to work hard. The rest of the employees are now more efficient as they know that they're being monitored.


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The soft is very useful for HR-managers! I installed it on my staff's computers 3 months ago and I'm so happy with this purchase. The soft helps me monitor employee's efficiency and saves my time and energy. The point is that the soft provides me smart reports about each employee's productivity. It has time control system so it shows me who comes late and leaves the office too early. The soft is also helpful when it comes to calculating salary as it monitors all search queries and activity on the social apps so if a person spends much time texting with colleagues or surfing the Net instead of working, I know it and I can punish slackers and reward hard workers :)


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I manage several small companies and I frequently move from one office to another. A couple of months ago I noticed that when I’m out of the office, my employees are less efficient. So I decided to monitor all of them to check who makes all the efforts to make company grow and who wastes time chatting and smoking. I came across Spyrix when I was reading the reviews of employee monitoring programs and decided to try it. After the trial I purchased a license. In my view, spyrix is a perfect program for employee monitoring. It allows me control my staff REMOTELY whenever I'm located. I just log in my online account on my smartphone and get data from each computer. Most of all I like the feature that shows me employees' computer screens in real time. And the time control feature is awesome, it shows the exact time when the employee turned on the computer. Worth trying out!


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I'm responsible for preventing data leakage and fraud at my company so for me it's essential to have reliable employee monitoring software that can give me total control over staff's computers. I've tried out a couple of programs before I found this soft and they didn't work as promised. When I found Spyrix I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of the features it offers. The program is indispensible when it comes to preventing personal data leakage. The soft monitors all removable drivers, chats with colleagues, every keystroke and records the computer screens. Besides, it monitors employees with the help of computer mics and webcams so I can even know what they are talking about at the moment. This software helps me a lot.


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This software helps me control my staff's computer activity for 2 years already. There are many features (keylogging, screenshots, mic recording and so on), but I find live panel most useful - this feature allows me watch employees' screens in real time.


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This program helped me realize that the support team at my company was the weak link. The program has hidden mode, the employees didn't know that I monitored them. I saw all their PC activity and could see their computer screens in live mode. I saw every rude reply to our customers. The software helped me make my company more efficient - I got rid of the people who were interested just in getting money for working hours. While using the soft, I realized what are the cons and pros of Spyrix.
The pros are:

  • hidden mode
  • useful features
  • fast installation
  • good value for money
  • responsive support
    The con is:
  • If you need, for example, 14 computers, you should choose btw 10 and 20 computers.
    That’s why I rate the soft 4 out of 5.

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Good soft for business. I've been using it for a month to monitor my staff. For now, everything works fine, the features are useful.


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Spyrix helps me track my staff members when I go on business trips. The main reason why I've chosen this very soft is the fact that it allows remote monitoring from any device. I can monitor my staff via my smart phone and everything I need is a good Internet connection. The soft lets me view the computer screens in live mode as well as record any kind of user activity. For example, it records activity on social apps so I know what my employees are up to. It also records search queries, visited websites and browse history helping me identify slackers. Spyrix controls the exact time when the computers were turned on/off allowing me to know who is always a late comer. Now I can't imagine how I controlled my staff without this soft.