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Back your stuff up if you use sync

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Use something like todo-backup to backup your files if you setup syncs using Spider-oak.
Spider-oak syncing is slow as molasses. I signed up for 100 gigs and synced up 'my documents' across 3 computers. I installed a new hard drive on my laptop and restored the sync. Of course it took days to sync up, in fact it's still working on it, I'm used to that slowness already. But over 2 days Spideroak systematically deleted 62036 files and 7150 folders, because the laptop didn't have all the files and folders, it decided that I must have deleted everything.

I went into the recycle bin in Spideroak to look for my files and folders, they were there, but there is no way to sort by date deleted column. At the very least, you should have a way to sort by date deleted to make recovering from these disasters not take a full week of plodding through each and ever folder and subfolder.

Luckily I used another product to backup and it was easy to restore the files. Using spideroak recycle bin would have been a mind-numbingly slow and cumbersome process. The warning about 'exact file structure' when restoring a sync needs to be clarified, why can't it just say 'if you have some folders and files missing on this new pc we are going to delete them from all your other pc's"

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Everything just works. All important information is covered on their website and support has even answered technical questions for me. It passed every scenario I tested. The features I love are:
-It actually works !!!
-Zero knowledge
-Delta upload (only upload blocks that have changed)
-Deduplication (multiple same files only take the space of 1 file)
-File sharing whitout losing "zero knowledge" of non-shared data thanks to scoped encryption keys.
-Can be set to ask for password at startup

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Secure, simple backup and fileshareing solution. Works great on all my devices.


Secure, Some Problems & How to Get Free 7GB

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I've used SpiderOak for quite a while, and I've found it to be a good service. If what the company says is true, it's very secure. The client seems reliable enough to actually perform the backing up, although its functionality could be improved. It automatically monitors and backs up your files while it's running, but it doesn't run on OS start-up by default. You can also access your files via the website, which is useful if you aren't at your computer.

The standard 2GB of free data is great for a moderate amount of documents, settings and the like, but it's not really well suited for music, videos, and other large data sources. You can increase this to 10GB by referring others to sign up. The referral program benefits both users; a referrer and referee both gain one gigabyte for a referral. If you want more than 10GB of storage, you'll have to pay for a subscription.


However, there is also a noteworthy problem with the synchronisation functionality: in the case of conflicts, you lose data without any notification, warning or confirmation. Because of this, I recommend you don't use the service for synchronisation unless you are willing to risk data loss.

I have noticed some bugs in the Windows client. Once I exceeded my quota. When I tried to remove some backed up files and configure the client to stop backing up some folders, it would not let me because I had exceeded my quota. Obviously this is very counter-intuitive, but I was able to work around it with a bit of fiddling around, including re-opening the client.

Another problem is I've spotted the client running at 100% CPU usage for very long amounts of time on one computer, which was probably a bug.

I run the application on start-up, and it slows the start-up process down, too.


Overall, I've been happy with the service since it's free and apparently secure despite the client software's shortcomings.

Free 7GB

Similar to an earlier comment by another poster, here is a currently working method to create a new free account with 7GB of storage (instead of the normal 2GB):

  1. Sign up using a referral link such as mine. This causes both parties to gain an additional gigabyte. (If you don't use any referral link, you and someone else miss out on the potential gigabyte each.)
  2. Use the Freedom4 promotional code:
    1. Sign in on the website.
    2. Go to the Account menu option.
    3. Click Buy More Space.
    4. Click Upgrade My Plan.
    5. Enter Freedom4 in the Promo Code box.
    6. Click Update.
    7. Ensure Monthly Billing is set to 6 Gigs: Free.
    8. Click Next.
    9. Click Confirm.

Since 2012 up to 10 GB free online storage with SpiderOak

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Since 2012 you can get up to 10 GB free online storage instead of only 7GB until May 2011

When you refer a friend to SpiderOak then you and your friend get an additional free GB of space. The more friends who join SpiderOak the more space you receive. The program is open to both free and paid users - allowing you to earn up to 10 GBs of FREE storage! This free online storage you can get is more tahn with with Google Drive (5GB) or Microsoft Live SkyDrive (7GB) ! Details see https://spideroak.com/referral/ . This is no referral link, only an information about this good referral conditions.

The biggest disadvantage of Spider Oak compared with dropbox:

SpiderOak needs an installation with admin rights, no portable SpiderOak-app is available. If you need a portable app, you must use Dropbox, and you also can get max. 10GB free online storage.
TeamDrive is also available as a portable app, but in difference to DropBox I have the experience, that is does not work over a proxy in our company network and you can get max. 2.25 GB free online storage.


Workable and cross-platform

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I used it before reading any controversial review, so I was not aware of users having difficulties with it: and I find none -- except for an initial uncertainty that I'll mention later.
I've been using on five PCs, ranging from very old ones, to quite new ones, from desktop to laptops, and with two different Linux distributions, Windows XP x86, to Windows 7 x64, and I shared some hundreds MiB of data among all them, without any issue.
I found the 'zero-knowledge' feature to be very important, as in the backed-up data I could have had a few sensitive ones, so that was very desirable.

The only initial difficulty I had was about syncing, that I didn't realize was first to set up as back-up, and after that to flag as a sync. Maybe that could be made more clear in the user interface, or in a quick setup documentation.
Another drawback can be memory usage, that I find to be relatively "higher than expected", at around 70-80 MiB of RAM on a Linux Mint DE machine.

In the end I found it to be well working, not intrusive on computer's performance, and hassle free in using it on different platforms. Those were my requirements, with a need of exchanging less than 1 GiB of data, so the free version did perform pretty well for me.



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I had high hopes due to price and encryption policy, but SpiderOak seems to be a mess. I tried to add under 2GB to my free 2GB account, and it estimated the files were actually 10GB. It uploaded flawlessly to Dropbox free 2GB account. With SpiderOak, I had to babysit it, uploading a few folders or files at a time so it wouldn't think I was going over my limit and ask me to purchase more space. If they don't know how to write a program that traverses a directory structure and does simple addition, then I don't really trust any of their technology.

Also, the Win7 GUI application is very slow - every time I switch to it it says "not responding" for a while.

Having exactly the same problems here. So I uninstalled it, I'll just stick to Dropbox.


Easy, nice and secured

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I've been using SpiderOak for few month, and I find it really easy to backup and sync all my files. All is encrypted and very secure. It's also very easy to backup your critical files : configure the files you want to backup and then one button click !

I was using Dropbox but I will let it down now. I'll keep my SugarSync for files that don't need high level of security. But for the most important documents, I'll use SpiderOak.


Spideroak: Rough Edges, but Securer than Secure

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SpiderOak not only backs up your files and synchronizes them from anywhere, seamlessly, but it is also a Zero-Knowledge application.

I love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that no one, not even the service owners, can access my remote files but me. Did I mention the "share rooms" for clients or family members? Overall, it just seems more sophisticated than I have come to expect.

Best of all, though, Zero-Knowledge products like spideroak and clipperz are slowly putting control of data on the cloud back where it belongs: with the user.
Products like these help to lessen the ownership of our personal data by myriad different national corporations.

It still has some rough edges, according to other users. Though I have had no problems on my 3 linux machines, many report that though the restore process works it is still much less than seamless.

Still, I cast my lot with the Zero-Knowledge applications.



Anyone Security Conscious would pick this over the competition

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This has most of the features that Dropbox/Sugar Sync has with the exception of smartphone apps. The reason you would WANT this is total security. Dropbox has recently announced they own your data and can access it willingly(when they previously for years lied and said they couldnt).

Sugarsync has the same basic scheme for privacy and security.

SpiderOak's encryption is handled ON YOUR PC, your password is stored there as well, the spideroak staff cannot access your data based on this method giving you as complete privacy as possible.


SpiderOak is not portable, TeamDrive is portable

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Difference between TeamDrive, Dropbox and SugarSync

If you need a portable app similar to SpiderOak or the function of a FTP-server app, which you can run without admin rights you need TeamDrive (or DropBox without FTP-server function).

Advantages of TeamDrive:

  • TD: Data are already encrypted before they are uploaded and the encryption key stays with you.

  • TD+SS: You can synchronise existing folders and configure synchronisation specifically for individual folders (DropBox: only 1 folder).

  • Only TD: You can set the access rights for each folder, too and you can run your own Teamdrive Personal server free up to 10GB (more comfortable than a FTP server) or use a WebDAV server.

  • Free TeamDrive Online Storage 2GB + 250MB for each invited friend up to 8GB free.

  • Portable versions from the developer existing for TD and DB , not for SS.

Disadvantages of TeamDrive

  • Uninstalling-procedure of V 2.1.095 not OK: see http://is.gd/haLtrq .
  • TD desktop windows version 2.1.095 could not manage the Proxy Server internet connection in a company network, in which there was a working proxy server connection with SS and DB with no problems. I did not test this bad behaviour with the new TD version 2.4.050 from Apr.2011.

Download of TeamDrive:

Download of the portable TeamDrive for Windows or the desktop version for Windows, Linux or MAC OS X
With 2.25 GB instead of only 2 GB free online storage:

[1] http://www.teamdrive.com/en/ref/v7fu2k99

[2] Small TeamDrive iconTeamDrive

[3] http://www.teamdrive.net/en/teamdrive/how-it-works


Spideroak is a great service.

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Total encryption, easy to use software, decent pricing: all makes Spideroak a great service.

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SpiderOak is mostly perfect software in comparison with Dropbox or SugarSync. It allows select folders to share and filter files by extension. SpiderOak can sync more faster if you exclude *.tmp, *.log, desktop.ini and other useless files. So if you need syncronize not huge amount of data SpiderOak is excelent solution, otherwise I reccomend SugarSync. It allows to use 5 gb for free from the box.
By default SpiderOak allows to use 2 Gb of free space. If you want 1 Gb more space, just use a referral link.


SpiderOak & DropBox can also LAN-Sync

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In difference to SpiderOak or DropBox SugarSync can only Online-Folder-Sync, no LAN-Sync
I use virtual machines (VDMK, VHD) stored on quick USB3.0-connected SSD-harddisks.
If this SSD-disk is connected with my home-PC I want to synchronize certain folders about LAN-sync.
If this SSD-disk is not connected with my home-PC, I want to synchronize certain folders about internet.
With SpiderOak I can do a triangle-sync for folders: online-folderhome-pc-folderSSD-folder. Automatically the quickest accessable folder will be synced. With SugarSync at presence this is not possible, because you only can do online-folder-syncs.
I suggest to implement LAN-sync as a new and very useful feature for next SugarSync-versions.
With DropBox you theoretically can do LAN-syncs, but this function is not transparent enough to be sure, that it really works.
SpiderOak Download-Link for 3-7GB instead normally only 2GB:
Starts with 3GB instead 2GB, max. reachable 2 + 5x1GB = 7GB