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It should have been "STOP DOWNLOAD", not "speed download"

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Don't even waste a penny, nor a second on this piece of crap, I'm one of the many angry customers that after almost a year of frustration hasn't seen any change or positive attitude from Yazsoft. it looks like this app is abandoned, and it hasn't been updated since last year.

Reasons why you should not waste your precious time and money on this crap:

  1. It will mess up your Mac, specially if you are on Lion, it will destroy your Safari's ability to download files and effectively will put a halt on all your downloads even with Firefox. they should name this STOP DOWNLOAD not speed download.

  2. The company's support is poor, they will rarely if ever will answer your questions. They will not listen to your problems. Slightest complain and your posts will be deleted from forums.

  3. It will take ages for the company to update this crap, just go to Apple's forum, search for "yazsoft speed download" and look at the ongoing issue for over years.

  4. You want something to reduce some of your headaches, like: manage your downloads, automate stuff, increase productivity, manage and make good use of your limited resources, you don't want something which will produce more headaches by doing the exact opposite!