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Avoid this one now. The support has been non existent for a very long time, despite him accepting money for upgrades. Lots of angry people leaving their comments in the Chrome store. I was using it for best part of 8 years but i had to move on (to the Visual Bookmarks extension instead). Here's all the reasons that Speed Dial 2 stopped working for me :

You can create groups (i.e folders) but no groups within them. You can colour your groups which helps a bit, but they still fill the page. I accumulated about 50 groups over the years and they eventually shove your dials further and further down the page, meaning you have to scroll to see those dials off screen now.
Nothing confirms what group you're in when you're in it (which you do actually need sometimes)
You can't search for a dial that you can't find (and when you have a tonne of groups, you need that!)
Moving groups (dragging them) is really messy and they just land anywhere really - they can't be ordered. My efforts at bunching colours together was only so successful.
Very limited image options for your dials. e.g No image even for The Guardian.
No regular backups - even for people who pay I think. On more than one occasion now I thought I lost everything
(It all got very complicated years ago when Speed Dial 2 came out but barely worked. This meant me reinstalling Speed Dial 1 aswell and if both extensions are not switched on then all my groups do not return)

TIP: If you use SD2 already and have a tonne of groups like me - take screenshots of all your groups urgently. It's the easiest way to remember what was in them.

So far i am loving Visual Bookmarks because :

I have folders now ! And folders within folders. I needed this so badly.
Great images! It seems to be giving me a thumbnail for nearly every single dial. (not just big household names)
I can search for a dial !!!
I can move any dial or folder by right click and edit - select the folder you want there.
It's very clean.
It takes up little memory. It's fantastic !!

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Cloud Sync not supported in free version and Dial auto icons are not complete