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Despite the Horrific Homage to Lenin splashed on their site.....

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which caused me at first to move on and try several other clients before I grudgingly gave this one a try, I like it.

I think twitter is for the birds personally, but I have two colleagues that use it during the day like instant messaging. I need to keep up with their posts, but could care less for anything else Twitter.

I am a trader on the financial markets and have four 24 inch monitors filled with information streaming from the globe, and was shocked to find the app the Twits bought for $40 million dollars, TweetDeck was an ugly piece of crap.... worse, it does not allow full control of the window size, and insists on an ungodly amount of my very precious and very cluttered screen real estate. So do many other alternatives.

I tried this Lenin worshiping app (tongue in cheek) and it fits my needs perfectly. Its an elegant solution. One column just for the only two Twits I follow, and best of all, it can run minimized and will pop up a pretty, perfectly sized, unobtrusive, window with a new tweet and a pleasant chime that self closes in an elegant fade out.

Hate the Adobe air, but this Commy rocks.

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