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Great for desktop

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This is a great program for the desktop. The simplicity of using a git repo (like github) as the server for syncing makes this program superb.

It is unfortunate that the Android app is not so simple as it requires you to set up your own server. I would have used this program everyday if I could have simply used the same github repo in the app.


Use Git client applications on Android.

Great tool

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We use this great tool for our daily work:
The server can be a simple linux server or even a diskstation. Setup of the server needed some time for the first time, but having understood how it works, the concept is really simple and convenient. SparkleShare synchronizes automatically all data between designated directories on the computer and the server - and if used with GIT, for example, even keeps old versions of the file. It hence is an amazing solution for backing up project directories on laptops.

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Ah, and the client works perfectly on Windows!