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Stores your info on 3rd party servers

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From a hacker news commenter https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14282065

mikhailt 78 days ago [-]

Yes, they do. It's why I don't use them.
Source: https://sparkmailapp.com/privacy

Accounts are added to Spark through OAuth where possible. Where OAuth is not supported we keep your account username and password on our secure servers. We then use the authorization provided to download your emails to our virtual servers and push to your device. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to store your data. Apart from the AWS' security policies we take a number of measures to ensure that your data is never read by anyone else. We ensure that all transmission is secured with HTTPS so that no one else can access your data. Your account credentials are stored on secure cloud-based servers using asymmetric encryption.


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I tried to search for emails older than one week, but unfortunately, Spark does not provide this functionality. I emailed their support, and they confirmed this (ticket number 1218139).


Some of my emails are missing! Spark checks several email accounts including the Exchange account for my work. The inbox for this account in Spark does not show any emails. It says, "You've achieved inbox zero!" But the inbox for this account in Outlook web mail shows dozens of emails.

I tried searching in Spark for a missing email. It found the email in the search results, and it showed the email in the inbox thereafter. But I want the email to show up when it arrives –– not after I search for it.

I also tried deleting the account in Spark and then adding it back. This did not restore the missing emails.

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Although Apple Mail does just fine, syncs perfectly between devices, and does have a small ability to adjust the interface, it is frankly boring. Worse, it is difficult to read for someone dealing with vision problems. In my case, I have blurred vision in spots due to a retinal vein occlusion. And due to my age, my doctor sees the beginning of cataracts, which also means that bright whites produce more glaring.

Thus, I search for an email client that allows me to adjust the background, font face and text sizes. Additional features like package tracking, temporary email addresses, send later, email receipts, etc. are just window-dressing when you cannot read the emails.

I have yet to find one. I downloaded Spark, which is Free! (unlike Airmail, which is now $27.95 and does the same thing), but Spark failed at the most important part: I cannot change the icon sizes or Font Face. I guess I expect it to work like an epub, but you understand: Vision loss creates its own havok.

Bluemail gives a more readable interface, but it also has problems. It occasionally has syncing issues with icloud. You cannot change the font sizes. You cannot swipe to archive. I would LOVE this app if only these features were given.

So of the 3, Spark at least allows swiping and a dark mode. Meh.


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Best email client I ever seen!


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Great for across multiple devices such as using an iWatch, iPhone & MBP