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It has become a nasty app

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I have been using this tool more than 3 years, but now it has become unbearably to use Source Tree: I see a lot of bugs, sometimes I cannot simply click on a file with changes to see them, often it work very slowly, sometimes instead of one click there is double and many many other small problems which make me crazy!!! I'm here to replace Source Tree with something else.


Doesn't work in offline mode.

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THis program requires online activation and doesn't provide offline option anymore.

Therefore it doesn't work after 30-days trial period while license is free.

There is no way to activate it on intranet machine.

In previous version there weas a special menu item - Offline activation. Now it disappeared.


SourceTree wins against them all

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EDIT: It's now 2/12/2016, about 8 months since writing this review, and I'm still happy with Sourcetree.

GitExtensions has been my favorite for years, but lately it's gotten very buggy and crashy.

I tried moving to SmartGit, but dealing with separate "Log" windows that have different available actions than the original window made trying to find what I wanted a pain in the ass. Also, not having incredibly basic, useful features (right-click the file > Open it in Explorer) was a big turn-off for me.

TortoiseGit is just an absolute nightmare.

Github for Windows is too basic. It's a great program, but only for people that want to make changes and push them. There's no other functionality - no patches, no resetting, no changing tracked branches, no creating new branches, etc.

I tried SourceTree for a few days and fell in love, and I've now been using it for ~2 months. It has the same ease-of-use as GitExtensions, but it doesn't crash and I haven't found a bug yet. It has most of the powerful features of SmartGit, but it also has the basic, useful ones, too. Pushing and Pull Requesting is extremely smooth. Mistakes are easy to fix. The right-click context menu is filled with the functionality that you'd expect to have access to.

I have confidently made the move to SourceTree without looking back. Highly recommended.

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Of course not available for Linux. Altlassian is for developers but thinks no devs use linux...

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Recent updates decreased the performance dramatically. Fully disappointed and ready to buy Gitkraken. My time costs much more!

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Source tree 2.x removed one of the best features: It's tree view. The current 2.x version is a large step BACKWARDS in functionality, particularly if you have more than a handful of repos open at once.

See discussion on their Jira here ==>

EDIT 11 April 2018 - I gave up on them ever fixing this issue. They clearly don't care what their users thing since this has been the #1 voted issue on their jira for a year now. We've moved on to TortoiseGit.
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10 minutes of my life i'll never get back

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After I used this tool a while back, I was surprised how invasive it now is to use this tool.

I'm trying to use tools to write open source software. Made the stupid mistake of assuming, that just maybe, this tool might not require me to sign up for account X, use trial license X.

I was wrong. Immediately I had to sign up for an Atlassian account, forcibly agreeing to T's & C's. If I turned my back for 2 seconds, it was trying to push a bitbucket account down my neck.

Downloading licenses (that may be free forever, who knows. I guess Atlassian can change their mind at any point).

No thanks, this kind of garbage has no place in the world of community software. Just another reminder of why Open Source is the way forward.

Yet another reducing company the word 'free' to the lowest common denominator of "We won't ask for a CC number".

No thanks.

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This app for sure has it's ups and downs. There was a time (early version 2) in which it got way worse. It still feels not supergood, but does a fairly good job nowadays again. That being said, here is a snapshot of how I feel about it at the moment:


  • Free for private and commercial use
  • Clean UI with almost all functionality you will need on a daily basis 8including git flow and git blame)
  • Works well with all kind of repos (even mercurial if you're into that), using it with github, gitlab and bitbucket without any problems.
  • Changing settings for the repo, installing updates and setting up your git environment is really easy
  • Terminal is a really nice solution for windows pcs to work with git in a console
  • UI works well with 4K
  • Is a lot more stable again, than half a year ago


  • Is sometimes pretty unresponsive and does not feel that performant. Especially when scrolling through a lot of commits, but sadly also when switching to the window and doing simple tasks.
  • Not open source
  • No Linux support
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No GitLab support in version

The application works well if you plan to use BitBucket or GitHub. There are just no other options available when using SourceTree. Because of lack of flexibility, I had to lower the rating.

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The UI for SourceTree is confusing, and it appears to strongly prefer a reset/rebase model for rolling back changes on Windows. This is further compounded with other trivial git bash issues that to put lightly, is utter shit! My company policies don't want us using rebases but to roll changes forwards as commits, and Atlassian has truly made the process hair-pulling.

This application is convoluted trash. Use your hard earned money and buy Tower. Stay away from SourceTree.


Used to be great

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Used to be a great software, now it is super slow and hard to use. Useful functionalities are removed for no reason, buttons are moved every update making you relearn the software every time, but the worst is really the performance. It is really slow


Unusable because of timeout-based state refresh

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I scroll a long file to choose what chunk I want to stage but when SourceTree check this file for update it scrolls up.


Good but...

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Does anyone else often encounters "false positive" changes, where actually were no changes at all? especially in js files.


Good stuff, especially with an external diff engine

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I love SourceTree and use it almost every day. However, it's diff engine isn't nearly as clear as the one provided by TortoiseSVN. Luckily you can configure SourceTree to use an "External diff" which I have pointed to the one I like more, and life is great!