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Well developed, easy interface, good Integration with iTunes.


Really easy to use and accurate.

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SongKong works really well and its simple to use. It finds missing track info, deletes duplicate files and finds artwork. The default settings make it simple but it has lots of options to tweak your fixes. In the pro version you can automatically calculate the BPM of your songs which is great. Also updates iTunes in realtime and you can undo your changes if you change your mind.

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Song Kong is a dangerous disaster. It, along with other tools, managed to absolutely decimate my music library I worked over 10 years to put together and rate 1-5 stars. It misidentifies songs; it creates errors in iTunes; it creates duplicates; it creates orphaned files in iTunes. Don't even think of using this tool unless you're starting place is having no IDs for most of your music, and you have every aspect of your music library backed-up as you will likely need to use it. Test your back-up first.

The writer Paul Taylor had some role with Picard, but now is I think in a remote part of England, desperate for money with a bad attitude. He is not interested in identifying problems with his application that do real and serious damage to music lovers, and will only provide minimal grudging assistance.

This tool is a danger, and if in America I'd submit a legal complaint and complaint to the Better Business Bureau, but I'm already beyond hopeless despair on how my music library has been destroyed and I have hundreds to thousands of hours of repeat work in front of me on a music library now filled with mislabeled tracks, duplicate tracks, songs split into solo tracks from albums and every kind of error. A year ago I committed the gravest error experimenting with these tools, and it has been anger and frustration since. Beware!

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Peter, you had some problem with SongKong with iTunes, but as you know the problem was not with mislabelling songs the issue was with iTunes ratings due to a bug with iTunes. I spent long time trying to help you but you never followed my instructions and it just became impossible to help you, and if your song ratings was important as you say you really should have considered backing up your iTunes library before making major changes.