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Softi ScanWiz Reviews

Very user friendly; if only it was freeware

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Softi ScanWiz:

  • many useful features
  • add additional scans to existing PDF file
  • reorder page scans (ie. If you scan pages 1, 3, and 2, you can rearrange so that the pdf will be saved in order of 1, 2, 3)
  • double-sided mode (useful if you're scanning books, and it flips the page over automatically for you)
  • save PDF frequently without creating a new PDF file
  • save in different formats other than PDF
  • commercial software ($$$)

Out of the document scanning software I have tried so far (Softi ScanWiz, Softi Scan to PDF, Scan2PDF, and Scan To PDF), I prefer this one because of the number of features Softi ScanWiz offers. The ones I listed above are the ones I use (see website for more, which I'm sure there are).

Unfortunately, it's quite expensive. It doesn't list on the website the price, but I remember it being around $100-$150 USD, and I think that license is for a single computer. Still, I would recommend the 30-day trial period to anyone else who could use it.


I found the link after I posted this comment. It has lowered its price from a few years ago since I've used it. It is around $50 USD for ScanWiz and $30 for Scan to PDF.