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Unlike Scratch, Snap! is actually acceptable for teaching computer science concepts. Scratch is by far the worst choice you could possibly make it you want to learn computer science, but want to start with a simple block based interface. Snap! is built off of Scratch 1.4 but is made entirely in JavaScript and is very fast and fluid, unlike the laggy Scratch editor.
Snap! implements many powerful features such as first class procedures. first class lists, first class objects and first class continuations. Unlike Scratch, variables are dynamically typed, and lists can be multidimensional and are capable of storing strings, text, other lists, clones, and even other sprites. There is also support for recursion writing your own code in JavaScript.
Snap! also includes on top of it's already powerful base library, numerous other libraries with invaluable tools.

So when it comes to learning programing, don't use Scratch, use Snap!