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Has best features for blog-images and has best scroll capture in category

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as Title suggests

It is the best in its category to similar apps like

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Small Greenshot iconGreenshot

Small Shutter iconShutter

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Small Nimbus Note iconNimbus Note

to which I've all tested


The best for my needs, but not the latest version!

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i still haven't found a successor to snagit over the years, and i've tried a lot of them. some have been really quite good, but none have made the process so easy and added (light-enough) features that are helpful for enhancing the captures easily.

the only thing that truly bothers me about snagit, is that i cannot take screenshots in some games while playing them. i simply have to turn off the program and use the generic windows built-in screen capture to get around this annoyance. that really is the only thing i don't like about it.

i should add though, as many software publishers do, techsmith has been adding bloatware and bloated useless features while at the same time removing some quite useful ones over the years and versions. i will NOT upgrade to a newer version because of this. i have stayed at version 10 and have trying going up and down in versions to find that this is the best version for me. so as long as i stick with this version - i get the features and responsiveness i need, and haven't found the need for moving to another product.

if anyone can recommend one that does all the things that snagit 10 can do essentially, i would be happy to hear about it. to techsmith, it really has been getting worse and worse. if i were to review the latest few versions of snagit, i would definitely give it a negative review, but when i look at version 10 in paricular, it really is the best for my needs.


New Version is very slow and crashing a lot of times while working on big images

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I have been using snag it for over 5 years now.
So far it was always my favorite tool to take screenshots and edit/comment them.

Since the last update, snag it got really bad.
The performance is very slow and the editor it self crashed very often.
Also using snag it with 4k screens got nearly impossible.


The best...

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Without talking about free or not, this is the best. Not only the overall quality or feature numbers, it's superior in many single respects. AFAIK best scroll capture (many capture failed for my Firefox), one of the best window detectings, quite good text capture. Plus it has very awesome image editor, intelligent all-in-one capture mode.


Always innovated!

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I know and use regularly for many years.
Is the professional application precursor of screenshot and much more.