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good app

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This is a good video player, just the default theme is very ugly. I changed it to MPC, and now it it very pleasant.


New favorite

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Switched from VLC, Faster. I never found anything better than VLC till i found this. I like changing the skins.

It should be noted that VLC supports skins now, however I do use SMPlayer. It just seems to be that bit quicker and plays digital formats with far fewer artifacts.


Good but

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Ugly look on Win platform and slow default render settings. Icon and default skin really weird and bad.

  1. Not a review, a comment.
  2. Yeah, a better default look is needed. You can go disable the top toolbar and change the skin to Gonzo and it looks a lot cleaner/better. That should be the default IMHO.
  3. Slow render settings? Performed better than VLC out of the box on my Windows laptop (now running OpenSUSE, so can't test further).