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better than crunch

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i use various editors (notepad++ and WebStorm) and modify .less and .js files regularly. I was using Crunch which is good but it's in your face ... Crunch forces you to re-open and re-save the file you just edited using your editor, then you can "crunch" the file. It's overly tedious. Smalify works completely in the background ... you keep coding your .js and .less files using your editor and Smalify compiles the files to .min.js and .min.css without bothering you, in the background. very nice.



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Good, renames minified CSS files to .min.css

However, it always failed on one of my mixins, so I've gone back to WinLess, which with its latest updates is better now


Hi.. I am the developer of Smalify.

Please send the less code that would not compile, to me at support@smalify.net