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A bitter truth about Slimjet browser

"If you are using the Slimjet browser, you should be careful with the selection of the default search engine at the moment. Slimjet developers has buried a nasty trick behind the offered Bing search engine entry – there is a redirection to fpseek.com.

The Slimjet browser is a Google Chrome browser clone, that has been enriched with helpful additional functions like popup blocker etc. The browser can be downloaded free of charge from the website www.slimjet.com/en/ . The developer of this browser is the Austin, Texas (USA), based software producer FlashPeak Inc.

But something is ‘going on’ with Slimjet browser since version 18. Yesterday I reported a mysterious thing about Slimjet browser. The developers seems to installing something mysterious on selected user systems (see blog post Is FlashPeak Inc. shipping Slimjet browser with a backdoor?). Today I like to address another ‘not so noble’ surprise found in Slimjet.

Search enging Bing is redirected via fpseek.com
In the Slimjet you can click in the upper right corner on the gear icon (settings) and go to Settings in the opened menu. Further options can be shown using the Advanced hyperlink visible at the bottom of the page. In the Omnibox group then you can switch between different search providers like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and so on, using the address bar’s list box.

If you click on the triangle at the right margin of the Manage search engines option, you will reach the following page. There are the search engines, the search abbreviation and the query URL are listed.

And there is a rather strange query URL entered at search engine provider Bing (see the red arrow in the screenshot above). The URL points to fpseek.com and cannot be changed. My first thought: There is a browser hijacker that has changed the settings. [...]

What is fpseek.com?

Developed by ClientConnect Ltd., fpseek.com is a fake Internet search engine that supposedly enhances the Internet browsing experience by generating improved search results. Initially, fpseek.com may appear legitimate and useful, how ever, this site is promoted via rogue download/installation set-ups designed to modify web browser settings without users’ permission. In addition, fpseek.com continually tracks Internet browsing activity by gathering various user/system information."



I've been using it for a long time. that is, if it is made more stable, the use of cpu may lower. but I've always loved it! can be sided comment!
32 bit is nice but there are many shortcomings about 64 bit. these neutral truths and those tabs in the background will drive me crazy. not removed. speak square frame square frame. =) About the update. insufficient.
so I'm currently using yandex with opera. but I do not delete my icon !! It is another simple to use quick beaut. at least certain of what is going on.

Awesome Browser !!!

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More lightweight than chrome ! You can use for all websites without add plugins, extensions or applications additionnal ! Opera need adobe flash player !


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This browser has a bookmark sidepanel like Firefox, but it's very lagging. I don't use it. I had to find and use this browser after Comodo Dragon broke down on my system and no reinstall could fix it.
Slimjet is more lightweight. Works fast enough. It has a launcher app in the tray and launches overall faster than other chromium browsers that I have tried.


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Good browser.


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It's more lightweight then Chrome, Firefox or Vivaldi, 100% Recommending for older computer, it's the best browser for now!


Good development browser based on chromium webtool...

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Good dedicated browser for webdevelopment based on chromium webtools. I needed a standalone browser that was not chrome, since that is where I do my websurfing. I didn't want to log into anything google related for convenience reasons.

It had to be based on chromium though, firefox tools generally outputs too much information (and renders slower) when you inspect a site.

Things I've tried:

  • Small Chrome Canary iconChrome Canary - Crashed when I launched it, I'm not going to be a guinea pig for boring responsive web development tasks
  • Small Chromium iconChromium - Doesn't have a dedicated install path and is portable, sometimes I would run into launching issues
  • Small CentBrowser iconCentBrowser but was not a big fan of how it handled tabs. Also it looked too similar to chrome out of the box, so it got confusing to look at
  • Small Opera iconOpera didn't show how much the page was zoomed in. So comparing two websites side by side on a desktop render was difficult, since I didn't know how big the fonts were.
  • Small Blisk iconBlisk, but its not free, and a lot of its responsive webdesign is unncessary bloat when this tool works way better http://lab.maltewassermann.com/viewport-resizer/
  • Small Vivaldi iconVivaldi - The CTRL+SHIFT+C command is not native and I think it has too many features for a good simple development browser
  • Small Brave iconBrave - I tried this but chrome extensions were too hard to install.
  • Small Yandex.Search iconYandex.Search - I recall reading about privacy/ security issues with this, as its based in russia. Also immediately installed my plugins associated with my account, so I deleted it right away.

Note that slimjet is based on older versions of chromium so it might not have the latest and greatest chromium tools but its good enough anyways. Bonus of slimjet is that it looks different from chrome out of the box, and it doesn't have an ugly unreadable theme to it.

Slimjet is also extremely fast as well.

Some cons of slimjet is that it has some toolbar bloat but it can be removed very easily


The New CoolNovo!

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Slimjet Browser is the best alternative to the Famous browser called CoolNovo, witch has been discontinued. It has so many integrated extensions for easier browsing. This browser is lighter on resources then Google Chrome and is much faster then any other Chrome/Chromium based browser!


Why was CoolNovo discontinued?

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Fast startup, fast to load pages, block ads, manage downloads.


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When I look for a browser, I look primarily at these items first:

  1. Does it work with my work websites? If they don't load or act correctly, it's a lost cause.
  2. Can I turn off the constantly nagging notifications?
  3. Can I turn off third-party cookies and tracking between domains (especially from Google and Facebook, which are known to do so).
  4. Can I change the font size and type? Is it readable?

Does it look cool? Face it, if the icons and tab bar look strange, you won't use it.

I have not tested it with my worksites, but I have tested it with youtube, which tends to show a lot of ads, has google tracking, and videos autoplaying. I really like how I did not have to find an extension to turn off autoplay, and the browser allows me to download videos. Nice. It renames the videos to a default name, so don't try to use it on several videos at once LOL.
I successfully turned off notifications, changed the background color theme, turned off tracking, and added a custom search engine. I like lite.qwant.com and peekier.com, both of which are unusual right now. It comes with a built-in adblocker, which seems to be working. It is a nice, clean interface with few add-ons to slow it down.
One thing that Chrome is prone to, is malware, since 80% of the market uses chrome. I may try to install malware just to see if it is as likely to collect malicious add-ons.
I think I found my replacement for Opera, which was working well but started feeling like an itch I can't scratch.


their translation and ad blocking is very successful and does not force ram memory. but the icons seem a bit rough. aesthetic .

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Very Good one. Installed on Ubuntu 32 bit goes incredibly fast and smooth, without any errors and easy to install


Very slow

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Tried to find a fast light weight browser for a slow Celeron CPU running Windows XP and 512MB RAM. This is by far the slowest, takes more than 9 minutes to load a typical news paper web page. Was able to load same page is less than 30 seconds with K-meleon.

The big browsers like Firefox and Opera are much faster.