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Try the Andriod version!

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The Windows build is, for me, not up to par; and I am too comfortable in my Small Cyberfox iconCyberfox.

But the Android version is really good. Sleipnir is currently my favourite mobile browser.


Force Quit !

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I'm using a mac and I always get a force quit with this program so I deleted it ! :|


It is not just the Windoze version...

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I run Sleipnir under OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan), and frequently run YouTube on it. Scrolling up and down, entering comments, the whole thing slows to a crawl the like of which you normally associate with the computer getting too old (which is a whole other matter for another time). Intermittently, when either of these two tasks are performed, you can count to ten waiting for the window to shift or the text to appear. I have not seen something that slow to update as text is being entered since the days when Commodore 64s were thought powerful.