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Wire is much much better

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Skype is not cool anymore, sorry.

Wire is much better as far as privacy is concerned. Since Skype is a proprietary system, no one can review or see the source code. And, as usual, Microsoft is trying to install Bing as the default search engine and other stuff during the first install.
I used to like Skype, but since MS bought it, you cannot trust it. Just another NSA fellowship software.

When I first mentionned Wire, it is because it is much more reliable. (Open Source, no tracking etc). And made in Switzerland (GMBH).

Skype is well-known but a terrible privacy invader/spyware. Skype calls have been recorded and made text-searchable by request of NSA (see link below).

To avoid this, you should use open-source end-to-end encrypted alternatives, of which there are now a few that work very well (developed in part due to the privacy concerns around services like Skype). Alternatives include: Wire, Jitsi Meet (which doesn't even need anything installed) and Jitsi (for which you need an account on a Jabber (XMPP) server - but that's easy to sort out). Another up-and-coming service is Ring. For mobile voice and text, try Signal, which is also end-to-end encrypted and open source.

No more reason to give up the privacy of your conversations to Microsoft and whoever they pass your info onto.

For more info on NSA-Skype, see here:

Thank you very much JohnFastman. For Android, I'm using Linphone, and Zoiper for Ubuntu, Wire for both operating systems.

Wire is open source but is using proprietary servers: Aws(Amazon web services).
The aim of my "quest" is to get rid of the Gafas/Gafams in my everyday usage.
So, using Amazon Web Services is not a good answer for me, because of the Nsa spying and collecting our data.

I'm also using for SIP: Voipstudio based on Jabber or Jitsi, cannot remember well(on Ubuntu), Zoiper(Ubuntu), Linphone(Android). I think they all are open sources, aren't they?


I like it!

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One of the best instant messengers in the world. No complete analogy .


Unique program

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Now there are a lot of Skypes' analogs, but to call to any country and not be tied to a phone number only Skype can.



Maybe time to forget Skype, and use another application

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Since Skype is acquired by Microsoft, it has a lot of crap and unstable. Except of that, it's not reliable and not trustfully for daily use.
Microsoft has made Skype far below standard

In my opinion is Microsoft stealing technologies of others, and use that to generate only more money, and not take into account, that the program is very well functional. It was better that "Skype SRL" never was sold to Microsoft. Microsoft have also some nice features removed, that was total useless.


Since Microsoft, as expected, this app is not longer reliable

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Since Skype was purchased by Microsoft, happened what all we could expect. Stopped being a reliable application. The mobile versions of skype simply crash and don't work.

Forget getting incoming ring calls on your mobile device, of successfully make outgoing calls from mobile .... it's a real traumatic process to make this crop to work.

I recommend (for video and audio) hangouts, witch works fine.

Problem as always is privacy ..... but well, Google already knows it all about us. Emails, calls, where we go, our agenda ...

Cheers !


Horrible in every way

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Skype is without a doubt the most broken piece of communications software that you will find anywhere. It built its reputation on its video and audio call functionality, but both are embarrassingly badly implemented. I don't even know whether the echo-cancelling algorithm can be called such, because every call is an irritating mess of noise and audio feedback. It has a latency of about half a second, which is enough to make every participant of a conversation constantly puzzled about what the other participant(s) might have been saying. Microsoft has done echo cancellation better in their Messenger and NetMeeting/Lync tools for over 10 years, so I don't understand why Skype can't get it right. On top of that, video quality is awful and unreliable, which becomes clear once you directly compare them to alternatives such as Google Hangouts or, again, Windows Messenger.

Alright, so you fall back to the text IM functionality, and this is where the fun really starts! Because the protocol is so unreliable that several of my friends have resorted to actually calling their conversation partners after a while, in order to ask them whether they received their Skype IM messages. Surely, this can't be the purpose of an IM solution. Since Skype refuse to extend their P2P model with server-client functionality where it would be helpful, there will probably also never be a working offline messaging functionality. Which means that unless your contact is online at the same time as you, you'll have to revert to mobile text messages to contact them. Also for the same basic reasons, the conversation history synchronisation is utterly broken, delivering old messages to you as new ones again, up to as many times as the number of devices/systems you use Skype on. There's nothing as irritating as being delivered "new" messages when one of your contacts signs in, replying to them, then noticing that you've just replied to messages that were two weeks old, because Skype is too stupid to remember which messages you've already seen.

In summary, none of the three basic channels offered by Skype really work, making the entire network and solution absolutely useless for communication. Unless you are forced to use this because of co-workers etc. (in which case you will have to use it, because Skype is the only IM solution that, thanks to Skype's policies, isn't integrated into any of the multi-protocol IM clients), steer way, way clear of this turd.

This review is five years old now, and outdated in some respects. Microsoft seem to have actually started caring, and fixed some of the long-running bugs and issues, such as read status synchronisation and offline messaging. It took them a while to get to it, but they did.

Unfortunately, the most current signs are pointing in a direction of things getting worse again in the future. On Windows 10 systems, you technically still have the choice of using the traditional, native Win32 client, or the new UWP app. As is the case with most UWP apps, it has been severely dumbed down, and countless features that are very important to many users are missing, and don't seem to be on the roadmap (contact groups, to name just one example). From what it looks like, the full-featured client is considered "legacy", and it seems just a matter of time when it won't be updated anymore and everyone will be "encouraged" to switch to the new client, which is but a shadow of the original one.

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I love Skype, it was always helpful in different situations. The only thing which is odd for me division into two different applications (Consumer and Business), so you should have to start two same apps for different people.

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Skype had its problems before Microsoft bought it. Microsoft has made these exponentially worse. For just one example, take MS' recent decision -- without telling its paying customers -- to eliminate personalized outgoing voicemail messages. Now, When if you can't get me at my Skype In number -- a number I present to the world as my business line -- you get the idiotic, generic Skype greeting. Did Microsoft give me a discount for eliminating a service I thought I'd paid for? Nope. So I forwarded all missed calls to my Google Voice number, for which I pay nothing but which lets me record a personalized outgoing message. The result? One step closer to leaving Skype, and Microsoft, altogether. Certainly a lost revenue opportunity for Skype/Microsoft. A sane company would have told its subscribers, "We can't afford to provide voicemail at the current rate, so if you want it, this is what the price will be at X time." Apparently that didn't occur to Microsoft. The company is run by imbeciles. I can't wait until it's driven into bankruptcy.


What a shame...

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... that people only go for convenience. It's understandable but still sad. People will learn that their privacy needs to be protected but it will take time obviously.


good video calling app

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everyone in my family and friends use skype. its gives a good connectivity, acceptable quality, and it is easy to find people. We can also chat in skype with those cool stcikers and GIFs


Skype sucks!

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Skype is horribly bad... It is slow and laggy, the mobile app is horrible, and takes up a lot of space. I uninstalled it from my pc, just to find out the uninstaller had left over 150 MB of Skype trash! The only benefit with Skype is that many people use it... Let's change that, let's switch to Discord! Discord is like a 100 times better, and it's still in beta!


No more Skype and MS stuff

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I dont want to send my private information to MS servers. Its none of their business.

Telegram, Wire and other open sources should be more used. MS Marketing destroyed Skype philosophy, but its not surprising. They are escaping paying taxes with their own country, the Usa, with Europe (Luxembourg, Ireland), through Bermudas Islands, so there is nothing to expect from them.
Hopefully D.Trump will understand that and make them pay taxes where they make profit.


not for me

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i prefer using hangout, it works better for me, skype takes way to long to load and it barely works.

And i preffer Facetime. Hangout is good but Facetime is best .
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It is a good helper in the work . When there is no time to go away from the workplace, you can use Skype and solve all the problems and calls directly during operation.

I completely agree!