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Pointless, useless, unintuitive and generally time wasting service

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This is just an attempt to monetize the font market; make no mistake about that. With increasing access to high quality free fonts, fonts.com masqeurades as a service when it is really just a money grab that tries to get you to subscribe or otherwise pay for fonts that most people simply will never need.

It's "SkyFonts" app is atrocious. It does not install fonts for you. It does not really provide any kind of useful service. You are better off saving your fonts on a cloud-storage facility like Dropbox because then they are in an easily accessible place.

The fonts.com website is a UI nightmare. I could barely figure out how to get fonts added to SkyFonts. It's significantly fewer clicks to install a font from Google Fonts than it is via fonts.com/SkyFonts. When you try to quit it attempts to scare you away from exiting with false warnings about lack of access to fonts (you never gave me access to them anyway!) and I feel like I just wasted half an hour of my time for nothing.

Do not install. Do not use. Stay away unless you are in dire need of the commercial fonts it has and you can't get from anywhere else.