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Excellent so far and much better than BlueHost.

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I moved my domains and Wordpress sites from BlueHost to SiteGround 2 years ago and never looked back. Key points:

  • Same prices (approx.) as BlueHost
  • Much faster customer service (blazing quick answers to support tickets)
  • Support for Let's Encrypt - a free and open project to increase the number of TLS certificates used online to reduce snooping on people's browsing by hackers, ISPs and government agencies.

The only thing I didn't like is that people's last name (in my case "Fastman") is the default login that's selected for you. I'd have preferred to chose something else. But overall, for my use case, I can't be happier. I left BlueHost because their support became painfully slow, and often only the 2nd or 3rd person I spoke/chatted with understood/knew how to deal with my problem. Siteground? They are excellent, technically.


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BIG DISLIKE for Siteground!
The worst service, I paid and still for nothing. 100% I do not recommend!