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This is very good to make static HTML pages editable via the web browser. As a web designer, you might not need this for yourself, but you can use it for your customers’ web sites. Sometimes a fat CMS like Typo3, concrete5, Joomla!, Drupal or whatever is overkill, but the content should be editable by the customer, though. In this case, you could use a flat file CMS like Bludit, Grav, Yellow, to name a few, or you use Sitecake.

Sitecake makes it super easy to edit text and pictures. After logging in, you still see the frontend of our web site, but a little edit bar appears. When moving the mouse around, the editable areas will show borders around them, and you can edit the contents. You can add or remove fields within these editable areas, but it’s hardly possible to scramble the layout.

In summary, I would like to say that Sitecake is a good tool to make static web pages editable, while the web designer has all the opportunities for creating a flexible, individual web site.