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Granular control over network connections. Free and open source!

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As the name suggests it's really simple and easy to use firewall, yet very effective. Receive a prompt each time a program attempts to reach out from your computer for the first time and decide if you'll allow it or block it, then forget about it! Rules can be modified at anytime really easily too. Comes with an already built-in set of rules to block known trackers from Windows.

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Free and open sourced! There's a portable version as well as setup version... x32 or x64...
Customization interface, 17 languages, preset rules blocking Windows telemetry[619 Rules], blacklist/whitelist, customizable notifications for whitelist, dropped packet logging, in-client updates [no restart required], advanced rules such as boot-time filters [prevents leaking during boot(I recommend enabling)]...
Windows firewall GUI is terrible, this is much easier to understand; much easier to edit.
Previously I was using Kaspersky total security; after an account of mine was hijacked by some spyware... However during the last month of your Kaspersky license, it nags you, and is preventing windows from sleeping.
Unlike paid/freemium firewalls there's nothing to nag you, no donations [in the main interface, there's a "give thanks" in the about window] or ads in the client etc. Even though it's open source they are constantly releasing builds, so no need to self compile, unless you don't trust anyone... Has an update feature, updates ask for approval, updates don't require a restart of the client.
Hardware utilization
Simplewall [x64] 2.4.6
Size: 1.10 MB (1,154,916 bytes)
Size on Disk: 1.12 MB (1,176,120 bytes) [it's odd that windows is reporting size on disk to be larger than the size, normally size on disk is smaller]
RAM usage 7.2 - 11mb depending on how many apps are listed/filters...
CPU usage 0% - 0.5% [6700k] ; CPU usage when a notification is up/ when you change the interface styling

[Edited by Chaython, September 12]
When there's >200 apps there's instability [hangs, when scrolling the application list]

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This one starting eating cpu like mad so watch it


Please provide more information.
RAM 10.2mb, CPU 0%
What revision were you using?
Nothing seems malicious. Seems you're trolling or are using the freemium [ Small Simplewall iconSimplewall ]simplewall [ there's another program called simplewall that is not this project]