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Excellent, private, free and open source.

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This is a fantastic Android app. It's built on the todo.txt system, which is just a way of writing tasks down in text format in a way that doesn't lock you in to a specific service. It's free, open source and it doesn't complain on your phone when you don't give it access to Google's API - which is good for your privacy. (You can't say that about ToDoIst or Asana.)

In addition to the established todo.txt system, Simpletask Cloudless lets you set recurring events. It is also themable and has a widget.

Simpletask Cloudless saves your list of todo items in a simple text file, as it does with task that are completed and archived. As such, you can sync your list of things to do between devices using a service you prefer, so you're not dependent on the apps functionality being tied to a specific company's legal situation or terms and conditions. Again, a huge privacy bonus.

I sync my Simpletask Cloudless files with Tresorit, but I also used to do it with a password-protected Seafile.de folder.

The only drawback is that the recurring tasks feature is hard to find on desktop todo.txt apps. For this reason, I would highly recommend Simpletask Cloudless to those to anticipate accessing their to-do list on Android or who don't need the recurring tasks feature.

But it's a brilliant little app that doesn't jeaopardise your privacy. Give it a go.