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It may not have the full feature set of Google Photos, but gives you something priceless instead. Control of your data. You don't have to agree to some moronic ToS to use this application, nor do you need to connect to Google's servers.

It provides a simple and elegant solution. You can theme it to your liking, and exclude/hide folders as necessary.

The definitive Android gallery!


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Love it! So much more responsive/snappy than gloooooogle-photo. Perhaps because it is doing just what you ask of it: showing/organizing photos instead of mining data and uploading it to Big Brother. Thanks much for this!


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It's an free, open source alternative to Google Photo.


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Reminds me of a default gallery app in android 4.x Simple Gallery is simple and easy to use indeed and does not spy on you. It also has many powerful features that native gallery in old android didn't have.


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The best gallery there is! Lots of customization, no ads, simple.