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This mini-review is based on the mobile version which is a more streamlined version of the Windows app. It lacks a few special effects of the desktop version but it has all the same character and stands in a league of its own on mobile. The dynamics of the camera, the realistic movement of the fish and environments and the quality of visuals set a high standard for mobile wallpaper.

The mobile version has two different scenes:

  • an ocean floor abundant with coral and diverse sea life.
  • close up view to several clown fish wading through smoothly flowing anemone.

In both cases, the fish don't respond to screen taps as with similar apps. But double-tapping the screen adds some food to the scene for the fish to eat. The two scenes offer slightly different settings for configuring the types of fish inhabiting the ocean floor or changing the type of anemone or number of clown fish. Both scenes share a few core settings for toning down the quality to save on battery life.

Both scenes are amazing and offer a very relaxing aesthetic for your background. The app presents just one dilemma where you have to decide which scene to use for your wallpaper.