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I liked Silvrback so much that I bought the company....

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Seriously... my wife and I bought Silvrback in August 2015. We loved what Damien had started. Yeah, it had a lot of this-n-thats to fix, as any new product has, but it was a great concept and designed to perform - raw, lean, minimalist.

We've added many features since 2015. Things like scheduling posts, tagging, inviting collaborators, suggesting articles to your readers, more sophisticated subscriber controls, .xml-uploads of articles from other platforms, such as Wordpress, site and blog search, and many more. Check out some of our announcements in this regard here.

We're especially pleased with our additions of another syntax editor to go with Markdown. The WYSIWYG editor is familiar to most of us and makes writing easy. Our addition of a media gallery adds a great capability, and those who wish to display images or video in a collection will appreciate this evolving capability. We also have a growing library of articles to help your writing.

Aside from the general writer, I think that developers/coders/technical writers must consider Silvrback. We've developed considerable support for these writers: Extensive code embed and display support, collaboration, direct uploading from Github, and even Mathjax to support math symbols. Frankly, Silvrback, in part, was built with developers in mind.

Finally, I think Silvrback is a great alternative to the 'big box' vendors where blogging is merely an 'add-on'. To us, our small community, we value the writing. This is all we do. And we're are constantly investing in the platform.

If you want to write, then we're a convenient and safe place to do so. We host your site, support what we do, letting you focus on your writing.

Look, you can try us for a couple of weeks at no cost. I invite you to do so.



Silvrback is incredibly fun to use

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Give Silvrback a chance. It makes Wordpress seem clunky and prehistoric. The UI is zen, very easy to use but lots of little enhancements and features. Blogging has become fun again.

At the time of this writing, a full year is only $29.99.

Not many products and or services get me excited nowadays, but Silvrback does.