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Secure, but not anonymous

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I love Signal because of the automatic end-to-end encryption. Even though Whatsapp now has that, too, I still prefer Signal because it's more transparent about key handling. I would love them to add an opportunity to use it without a phone number. This is the only thing I don't like because you can't stay anonymous when using Signal.


100% EFF Secure Messaging Scorecard score!

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This app got a 100% rating on the EFF's Secure Messaging Scorecard.

WhatsApp and Telegram are not completely open and are not as secure as Signal!


Need to give your real phone number to work.

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You need to give to the company signal your private phone number..



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Best messenger I have found so far. I can also combine SMS and Signal-messenges in one which is very handy.

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Love it!

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RedPhone is really awesome app. I use it with textsecure also.


Alternatives? Maybe? Maybe not?

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The alternatives listed to RedPhone aren't exactly used for the same purpose as this app. Sure, many of them allow you to make encrypted phonecalls (right?) but not in the exact same way. I wouldn't call them alternatives but that's just me.