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A first real competitor to my Tabs Outliner.

Comment by omnray
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And it has serious guts! How many?

It's Over Nine THOUSAAAND!!!!!

As author say on donation page:

"2+ years and 1500+ man-hours later, Sidewise was born. Weighing in at ~9000 lines of hand-crafted code, Sidewise is one of the most complex Chrome extensions ever created. Even so, great care was taken to keep it lightweight and resource-friendly."

Really know what it is all about, all this "1500+" and "~9000"... so my greetings with release.

Message to author:
Seems you already borrow some concepts from Tabs Outliner and plan to borrow a little more, (as i see from discussions in you customer support threads), my advise - don't be very fanatical with this, or you will lost you distinction. Have the courage to walk you own way. Nobody needs a clone. For example this you non adherent to Chrome tab strip tabs ordering (which as I understand from you support threads you plan to abandon in favor of Tabs Outliner way of dealing with tabs) have real benefits, and in past I really seriously thought about same approach.

Anyway, welcome to the Arena! ; )


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