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I'm lucky I decided to buy a Samsung smartphone.
Yeah, it comes bloated with software, but the support is amazing.
It isn't for nothing that they are number one.

Sidesync is an amazing little software that let you connect your smartphone to your computer via Wi-Fi or USB cable.
It will prefer WiFi connections. To use USB cable you must disable the phone WiFi and wait a few seconds until it detects the phone USB and connects.
If you are having issues connecting via USB, make sure you have the latest Samsung USB drivers or Kies, and Enabling USB Debugging, might also help.
The installation and connection is easy and fast. Just install the software in the computer and app on your phone and you are ready to go.

It has an option for auto reconnect, and don't use a lot of battery. Well not until you use "Phone screen".
After you login into your computer it will automatically connect to your smartphone via WiFi.
You can drag and drop files, every notifications and calls appear on your computer and have a little handy mode called "Phone screen".
"Phone screen" is a mirroring system. It opens a window were you see and control your smartphone from the computer.
All the mouse and keyboard keys may be configured to your taste in the software definitions.

BEWARE: "Phone screen" via WiFi uses up a lot of battery. It will deplete it really fast.
If you use "Phone screen" while charging expect your phone to heat up like crazy +60ÂșC.
If you use a smartphone protection cover or case, you must remove it for the phone to breed and cool down.
I've been using it a lot lately and I don't see any damage due to over heating.
What is overheating is NOT the battery but the upper part of the phone were the CPU, GPU and WiFi controller is located, so the battery is safe from overheating.
AMOLED screens don't like heat and might be damage over time. You are warned.

Yes there are another software that can do phone mirroring, like Airdroid, Mobizen, etc... but this one is the fastest.
No LAG, no breaks, and the software is really small and have no publicity like the others, and all official from Samsung.

I recommend it. I tested all the others and this one is the most simple, lightest, fastest and most compatible of them all.