Shopblocks Reviews

Better than Shopify

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Switched over to Shopblocks a few months ago, really impressed with the service. Much more flexible than Shopify.

I am the other way around. Shopify is much more helpful for beginners. Shopify support team is very quick for all the response. I never got that from Shopblocks.


Themes and templates

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Shopblocks has a nice approach to the design of your shop. Instead of fixed templates that you can just change colours and add your logo, you can literally do anything you want with it. I created a sweet three column responsive design and I barely know any web desig stuff. Thought I'd need to get my java dev bro on it to help but it was super easy

Pretty sure this is the way forward for online shops


Not for beginners, Not for competitive industries. When you need a help, they walk away from you.

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If you are new to E-commerce platforms, it is not for you. If you are in very competitive industries, this is not the company you can count on. Although I informed I was a beginner to this kind of platform, I had no tutorial and I had to figure out click by click. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful but not enough time for you. Always busy for "meetings." Every question took 2 days to get a reply. 8 weeks I spent, over 200 items I uploaded, but no clear advice for essential settings, such as security set ups, payment settings, shipping setting, etc. I asked so many times what else I needed to do in order to open the site, but no accurate advice. Then my competitor complained about our use of this platform. Although they had no legal right to stop any of our usage of the platform of Shopblocks, Shopblocks management did not like the claim and stopped the service to us. He said he was going to ring us for explanation of the situation, but he never did. No sincerity as a business person. Do not trust them. When you actually need help, they walk away from you.