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I like this tiny little program which does a bit of what was already built-in to linux (Transparent windows) albeit different. No load on the system since it's so tiny. Not only can you easily make the top window transparent, to see what's below it (useful if you don't want to copy/paste, and just want to type something from the window below) you can also "hide" a window from appearing in the taskbar and then magically make it reappear with two clicks. I also like that it is configurable to your taste, such as, right click on header will cause transparency, or right click on close will hide (or however you want to do it.) True, it's all on right click, but who doesn't use that frequently anyway, and there were no capabilities in XP to right click on window manager buttons anyway, so it's not in the way.
Great little program for what I wanted to do, without a huge hassle.