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Easy & Straightforward way to Alter the Context-Menu's "New" Section

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As usual, Nirsoft has done it again, and made an incredibly easy and useful tool - that is free, as the norm too.

I have used a number of tools to edit the context menu, and I have found Nirsoft has made tools that are consistently useful and minimalistic (as in no bloated features). They just do what they are supposed to do; nothing fancy (a good thing).

This one in particular is easier to use than others. Being a power-user, I find their tools extremely useful, but for the average person, may appear a little daunting, but they are just lacking the polish others use to simplify their UI. ShellMenuNew though, is without a doubt the easiest and best editor for the specific task of adding or removing types of files from the "New" section of the context-menu (right-click).

Highly recommended for anyone of any computer skill level. The best of its kind!