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Hey Guys - Great new application from Shazzle called ShazzleChat. It is only available for iOS right now however for Android I have a free private messaging app. Unlimited file size transfers and peer to peer communications just like the ShazzleMail product.

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This is an interesting product in the quasi-self-hosted email space if you aren't wild about your emails being stored on a 3rd party server.

The biggest drawback for my use case is that it requires a mobile device to be running 24/7 in order to receive emails.

The desktop clients will not connect or work unless the mobile client (smartphone or tablet) is up running.

The client apps could use some re-work in the design and look and feel dept. Also there is no archive email feature. However using their email connector 'glue' software, you can configure your favorite email client to connect to your Shazzlemail account and use that in their in lieu of their native app.

All in all, an innovative concept and I like it from a privacy standpoint.

Can't believe it's been out for four years now and I just discovered it!

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