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good for disabling those anoying keys

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I have rarely if ever had a use for caps lock. It has caused me for more trouble then it has ever been of use. Same for the windows keys. How may times did I put in a password to find I had caps-lock on the entire time. How many times have I been really doing well on a video game to find myself on the desktop looking at a open start menu in the middle of a boss battle.

This gets rid of both annoyances. Only reason I use this is to disable three of the keyboard keys. Caps Lock, window key, menu key. I have never seen a reason to keep them. Seen plenty reasons to be rid of them. with this program I can finally rid myself of those keys. Only thing it doesn't seem to be able to handle are media keys. I've read that is more do to how the keys were implemented then limitations of this software though.

Thanks to the ones that made this. It has been very useful.


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Nice and simple program to change keyboard inputs.