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Wow this tool is really awesome. I was looking for a replacement for greenshot, which couldnt place 2 images side by side for comparison. This tool not only does that, its like instant in one click. The amount of features is awesome! Some users were saying to get lightshot because they found that ShareX was hard to configure. I didnt experience that at all. Everything is pre-configured in a way that works well for me. Another thing that really sells this program for me is that its Open Source. You can view the link to the source right on the front page. Lightshot however is not open source, and nowhere did i find a link that would indicate how they are making money, if its closed source. Makes me wary.


ShareX review

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ShareX is basically a greenshot image editor with a backend interface that supports gifs and advanced image host options

I've tried almost every other similar program recommended on "alternatives" and shareX is by far vastly superior to anything out there

only for windows though

EDIT As of November 29th 2017 the best version is 11.6, anything past that isn't greenshot editor its shareX image editor.


ShareX is good as a universal Lazy Uploader. If you ever get asked to upload something, just dump an image URL generated by shareX like so:

enter image description here

Works on everything, same number of steps everytime. No need to dig around for local file paths. Useful for adding images and gifs to, stackoverflow, fiverr, wordpress, any internet site, any windows desktop application, etc etc. Just find some image on your screen, crop/annotate/upload, paste URL in any file uploader.

Imgur works best as an image host, if you want more security look into amazons3

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I have used a lot of screen capturing tool. The last one was Greenshot which I needed to remove having trouble on the latest Windows 10 release / update. I must say that ShareX is by far the best one. (i.e. not only capturing screenshots but also screencams).

Usability at the very beginning is a bit difficult to understand but after a very short time you understand the concept and then it's just great.

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A shame that there is no MacOS version, only works in Windows.

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This is an excellent sleek app. It is clean, user-friendly, and loaded with features. I really like the "screen recording gif" tool, because it is so easy to capture only a portion of the screen -- like a tooltip -- and save a gif from it that you can paste into gchat or something.


Yeah, it has awesome features and options, and also, it is easy to use. I have used it for my youtube video thumbnail, Worked great. Also sombreniote since you are a user of this website, I would really appreciate some feedback for my review of this site, I just started a Youtube Channel. Here is the review -

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I used to use CloudApp with a free trial. It is a good service, and I considered paying for it but I'm glad I didn't. ShareX does everything CloudApp can do without needing to pay a premium for their services.

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Getting better with each version. At the moment is much more powerful than Greenshot or any other well known tool.

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I was using lightshot.

But this one it's better, light, useful.

You can edit the photos easily, or just save it instantly.

Also It haves a personal folder for saving the screenshots

Or you can create your personal folder for saving them.

Best screenshot program ever.


best app for screenshot upload

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I use google drive upload option, so no more problems with fast screenshot sharing.


Best thing for sharing screenshots, and other files i found so far

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I tried GreenShot before, but ShareX has so much more useful features that makes it my #1 recommended alternative. Aside of standard things, like key shortcut customization, it allows you to precisely determine its behaviour after certain action (i.e. print file, immediately open built-in image editor (which is the same editor that GreenShot uses BTW), copy URL to clipboard, shorten URL, etc.). All uploads and actions are conveniently logged and accessible from main window, providing preview and allowing to execute further actions on them, like directly obtaining Imgur removal link, editing file, deleting local copy, etc.
Also, it has probably the longest list of supported upload hosts amongst other tools, and user can create its own entries, making ShareX compatible with virtually any host.



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Is great alternative.
Image upload after link copyclipboard
upload file text after link copy clipboard.
upload files, and urlshortener.


One of the best images, texts, files uploading tools!

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So much customization:

  • Your choice of hosting services.
  • Support account logins.
  • Custom hotkeys.

Just a PSA for Those Who Use This Guy's Software

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The guy outright denies a feature I requested because he thinks that "he should draw a line somewhere". Bullshit excuse; I wouldn't be surprised if he c-ould code the setting in under 30 minutes. Then he proceeds to rub it in my face that he had the feature in before.

Not going to be using this ****'s software anymore.

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The way I see it, the developer actually went through the trouble of writing you a detailed 5-line response on his reasoning why he won't re-add the feature. His explanation is perfectly reasonable and worded in a respectful tone, it doesn't sound like he didn't appreciate the suggestion. As the project's maintainer, it's his job (and right) to decide on the general direction and scope of the software. I've dealt with many open-source projects, and I'd be thrilled to get a response like that. In 9 out of 10 cases, maintainers don't have the time to write responses like that, and if they do, they don't go beyond a "won't happen".

Also, the source is open, so he's not keeping anyone from adding the setting to their own builds. You don't even have that option with software projects who don't allow you access to their source.

Agreed. @grammification is just a whiny guy mad for not being able to leech even more of the work of people making great software not only free but also opensource.. This awnser is a lenghty respectful awnser, far beyond what most dev would give for a free and opensource project.

If you really need that feature, learn to code, that the source code and implement it yourself. Its actually not that hard, way easier than doing such a software from the groundup..