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Killer App!

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I rarely write online reviews but this software really makes me say "Woooow!". It's unbelievable. It. just. works.


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Lots to love here: automatic configuration just works, and somehow knows the positions of my machine's monitors automatically. The registration key only needs to be entered on a single machine once, and it takes care of registering newly added machines automatically. But the kicker for me was that it did not suffer from keyboard modifier issues that has plagued Synergy for years now e.g. keyboard entry on a secondary mac running a Parallels VM just works without any shift key issues. Its been a long time since I was this impressed from installing a software product and its initial use. Well worth paying for!


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I recently started looking around for an easier way to work with the machines that sit around my desk. After a quick search I found ShareMouse, and i loved how easy it was to set the demo up for use. it took 5 minutes to configure the whole thing.

While it is $50, I've already found this to be incredibly handy. While I'm setting up automation for work, I ended up falling in love with the shared clipboard. Again, there are AutoHotkey's out there that can do a shared clipboard, but none approach the ease of use from ShareMouse.

Drag and Drop has been a neat feature, although i haven't used much of it as of yet.

I'm very satisfied with how it works, and how much more organized my desk is.


ShareMouse just works

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I've been a Synergy user for at least 3 years. The problem is that even though it was free, there were minute daily usage issues about the software that has never been completely fixed. Copy/paste would stop working after a few usage or it would stop working after a period of time. The workaround to this would be to restart the services, I lived with this method for few years. The last straw was when recently Microsoft update caused the SHIFT key not to work. The workaround was something-of-another uninstall specific Microsoft patches. I did that, but it did not work. Reviewing the specific Microsoft patches I noticed at least two of them were critical patches that should be installed. Looking at Synergy website, they started to charge for download. Weighing the idea of making the purchase, but then realizing Synergy still at the time did not have a fix, I decided it was time to seek other products.

Checked out Multiplicity, but couldn't get the trial version to work with my systems. Help resource (forum, documentation, etc) did not seem to be abundant.
Checked out Input Director, but development seemed to have stopped few years ago. Lots people still enjoy using the product as it is free. I just felt it was a lot like Synergy and decided to avoid running into possible future upgrade problems without existing development support.
Have used Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders for a few years, but had issues getting it to work with some systems. Gave up on it since it was more of a hobby for the developer than a real project.

Researched ShareMouse, test drove it on my systems, and was amazed at the performance. I installed the trial version to try out and it almost immediately recognized my systems on the network. I did not have to configure proxy or firewalls. The copy and paste worked, it also was able to drag 'n drop files between two systems. This was not something Synergy could do.

There are plenty of support for ShareMouse via forum or ticket submission system, development seems to be up-to-date compared to others I tried out. The product works for Mac OS (even though I haven't tested it), Windows 8.1 (tested), and Windows 7 (tested). I share one main system with one monitor against a laptop connected to 3 monitors. At times I do add another work laptop that I share one keyboard/mouse against if necessary.

Note the trial software only supports TWO MONITORS so I had to disconnect my additional monitors, because ShareMouse could detect them.

ShareMouse installation and set up was soooo easy. Install the software on each system, select your primary system... boom, everything works out of the box.

Now, to the only con to this software. The Standard Edition starts off at $19 for one year upgrade, but that only gets you maximum of two monitors PER system for maximum of 2 systems. The PRO Edition allows for maximum of 9 systems and each system connected up to 16 monitors, but at an expensive price of $49.95 for one year upgrades. Well, I had no choice but to shell out for the more expensive version. I have not had any issues so far and it has exceeded my expectation with features I always wished Synergy had.

ShareMouse allows for monitors to sleep and locks the system when screensaver kicks in. Synergy lacked this feature. A flip of the mouse over to the other system wakes it up and I am able to unlock it. So far ShareMouse has successfully provided the features I need and I am satisfied that I have a "just works" product and higher priority support for future issues.

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Thanks for the indepth review. Please allow a note about pricing: ShareMouse is not charged per year and licenses are valid lifetime. Maintenance renewals are optional. Please learn more at http://www.keyboard-and-mouse-sharing.com/maintenance.htm

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After having lots of issues with Synergy over the past few months, I decided to give ShareMouse a try and it is a wholly better experience. I had a couple of issues that came up and every time I got a reply from their support within 60 seconds!


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Just works on Mac and Windows without the slightest hassle.


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Thank God I don't have to use Synergy anymore. This is SO easy to setup. Brilliant.


Very Good Product!

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I spend 3 hours getting Synergy to work with my Mac and Windows 7 laptop. After all that, I found that the windows key was not mapping and various other glitches I decided to look for a commercial product.

I got Share Mouse working under 5 minutes without any problems and it is very well documented.


I am using Sharemouse for 3+ months now and longer you use it more problem arose. First if you temporarely loose you internet connection only the master machine work. Even using a pro version key it will tells you that you use features reserved for the pro version. From the slave machine you will have steady and constant delay with the mouse. You will not be able to use a mouse connected to the slave machine at all. I do NOT recommend any other similar software. I uninstall the software, case close.

@Matt, To share mouse and keyboard, ShareMouse does not require any internet connection at all. If ShareMouse breaks while you lose internet connection, it seems, that your computers seems to be disconnected from the local network as well. ShareMouse requires a local network connection. Please check our network troubleshooting guide at http://manual.keyboard-and-mouse-sharing.com#ts // Please contact support if you have problems registering a paid license key. Of course, we will take care of such issues.

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I am using Sharemouse since v1 and before upgrading to v5 I did a new test round of all similar programs. It still rocks and the new beta has some very promising features.


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I've been giving this a chance for years now and still no improvements on how buggy this program is. Always needing to quit ShareMouse and restart to get it working again. So annoying, I'm going to start looking for what else is available out there.

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How can you say that there are no changes for years while they just released version 5 recently? https://www.sharemouse.com/new/

Oh. Just figured that they even launched a v6 beta!

Registration nags for basic features

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Ditched this one because it kept nagging me about registering, just because I want to use the feature that keeps the mouse from switching screens unless I am holding down the Ctrl key.

It also doesn't work well at controlling games on the remote machine, as the mouse sensitivity seems crazy.

Input Director does both of the above out of the box and is completely free.


We are sorry to hear, if our complimentary offer to you has not met your expectation. if you run into any technical problem, we are happy to assist our customers. Please understand, that it is not a software flaw or fault if you get license notifications because you use features of a paid edition without paying for it. If you pay for paid features or alternatively stick to freeware features, no such notification would show up. // Please note, that InputDirector also comes in different license variations and isn't "completely free" neither (http://archive.is/CHbjp ).

Just created an account to confirm in 2020 this is till the case. InputDirector works flawlessly with gaming, no lag or speed issues. (And is completely FREE for 2 PC setup).

Input Director is not free. Check license terms.