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Two stars for the effort, but several aspects immediately scared me away from it.

  1. Panic. On first startup, immediately started working on my existing downloads directory, which may or may not contain sensitive information not meant to be shared publicly, while displaying a wizard. So I had to skip the wizard and search for how to stop it from sharing my downloads directory.

  2. Bloated. Protocol support is a good thing, but trying to play back and preview every kind of data is dangerous (security vulnerabilities in multimedia libraries are a common).

  3. HTTP download support does not include HTTPS, which is the default for most of the internet today.

  4. Custom skinned interface. Absolutely unnecessary and of course slow to move / resize, likely problematic on HiDPI displays.

  5. The original Shareaza domain was sold to an adware company. This is not the fault of current developers working on it, but the community should consider renaming the project to shake off that damaged brand. It is hard to recommend something that will point novice users to a website blocked for spyware reasons.

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I like it because it replaces ares connecting to the gnutella networks completely, it is necessary to improve the list of emule networks so that it shows that it effectively does the search on all servers


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It works with so many protocols. It's great for rare files. Lots of flexibility.


The best P2P client there is

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This should be more popular than it is: it does torrents, regular downloads, emule, gnutella1 and gnutella2.
This is the best P2P client there is


I ended up using Shareaza after emule, amule, ?donkey because it supports multiple protocols as s0me0ne mentioned. But it has bugs (stealing magnet association from other apps, rescaning library even i disabled it, non working media player) and development is very slow if any.