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I love the app, but after upgrading to Mac OS X Catalina, it didn't work anymore. I hope the developers overcome the incompatibilities


I tried contacting the developers but it looks like Shades is now well and truly dead. Its functionality is indispensable to me and is in fact probably the only reason I haven't upgraded to Catalina yet.
Did you manage to find a worthy replacement? Preferably with support for hotkeys?

finally something that reduces the brightness of my imac!

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f.lux was good at tinting the screen orangey, but I still needed sunglasses to reduce the brightness when working at night. Finally found Shades thanks to this site and giving it a try. Fights with f.lux, which I had to disable. Shades provides non-intrusive translucent slider that extends lower range of built-in dimmer, which is exactly what I was looking for. Shades also integrates with preferences pane which seems pretty neat.