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I used and still am using shaarli since about when it was created.
I had up to 3k links and a lot of texts, images, ....

Here is my appreciation :

  • Supports markdown which is great.

  • Only one user per website (it sounds bad ? It is is the best design choice ever : it's the only downside and it has tremendously fucking great upsides : all that follows !)

  • Integrated with many services / phone / browsers.

  • Maintenance cost minimal. No database. I spent less than 1h per year doing maintenance on mine.

  • Excellent website response time even on searches.

  • tagging is the best organization of ideas / files / images ever. It just works.

  • The only one and single time I had a question, it was answered right away by users community (which is not that big though)

  • It's usage is only limited by your imagination.

  • Extracting your data from the tool is easy.

  • Saving and restoring is extremely easy..

Advanced usage : I have three instances.

  • one for sharing with the world (my rss feed). All I write there is intended to go public.
  • one for sharing with friends (restricted access). All I write here is intended to be shared with family and close friends.
  • one for taking my own private notes . All that goes here is sent to my private recipe that will transform my rss feed into various formats (pdf/epub). I can read my notes on any device !

If you're looking for a an efficient single user tool that requires the strict minimal maintenance, easy to deploy, there you go.


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It's open-source, well-maintained, simple to use and easy to self-host !


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On my search to find self-hosted stuff, that runs more-or-less solely on PHP, I came across this (suggest looking into this). It's a nice little "pinboard", but it lacks multiple user support, which is a bit sad.

As my domain is hosted from a restricted server, I can't use anything too fancy (meaning I can't install nodejs, python etc), but I found, that it works rather well. It's stable and lightweight, even supports some plugins (sadly, not many of them exist).

In overall, as a subdomain for restricted sites, it works wonders.