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I cannot stress enought how much I like this software. we have higher volume traffic website and we were searching for screen recording solutions. All alternatives were just too expensive - hotjar would cost us around $1000/mo just for screen recording.

When I have found SessionRecord I was very keen for the possibility to have it hosted on our server. I rented digital ocean instance and now it costs me around $20 to have same service as hotjar.

During the install I had some issues but support of this app is just amazing - they helped me very promptly - I was very amazed with it - I think support was better than support I am receiving on some products where I actually have license.

App is easy to use - it might need some polishing but it just works. It records people, you can tag recordings based on events - you can skip the pages and change the speed. Overall 10/10 product. Definitely recommend!


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Great product. Have been using it for over a year on a website. Not as polished as the competitors, but much more value for money.


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We're using it in our company for 1 week and works like a charm :) Great product!!!!


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This service is awesome - like, really.

Not only this company is not greedy and have much lower prices than the more "popular" and expansive ones, but they also provide a much better product.

Quick, intuitive and super SIMPLE interface, with fast and smooth recordings that works real time, without any loading issues.
you have an option to get unlimited recordings for one time (very low compared to competitors )fee

You can add filters and rules and easy to understand funnels and graphs regarding user activity and flow to track specific type of users, weather its leads or if you just want to verify why one page works better than another and really make informed decisions regarding updates and changes to your website.

and lastly, super quick support and responses.

thumbs up!


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We were happy to find this service for this small amount of money. We haven't used it for a long time yet, but we have already appreciated the excellent quality of the product. Installed the server version, no problems with the configuration did not occur. I wish the guys success and prosperity to their business.