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I Can create only VPS by Digital Ocean, but available other servers

  1. Connect to server script ok working
  2. Bit slow.
  3. Log Reader History - if logs files path different than /var/log/syslog how can add multiple logs
  4. domain - can't create domain.
  5. cron - well configured
    6 .alerts - only disk/memory/ cpu, if i install LAMP/LEMP how can add basic application monitor checks
  6. Files - Destination server(s) / synchronization not working
  7. same LAMP and LEMP in software and domain and db fields.
  8. Send notification about create and delete which is good.

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I touched all the feature in this trail. I found this app quite good for the companies who do not have full time system admin and having some knowledge. of system.
There were few things where this app is not able to do following things

  1. install software (apache + php on example) on machine and there were no log which can give reason of installation failure
  2. no option in backup to select things. if selects all if there is user for example mysql, cron
    Need improvement at installation side and logging.
    need more simplified dashboard
    connection to remote server is very slow and things happing slow.