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Send E-Mails to DropBox with the service "Send To DropBox"

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You can E-Mail files to your Dropbox using the application "Send To DropBox". The app has great features like unzipping and automatic organizing. After a few minutes the files will automatically appear in your "Attachments" folder. There are other very useful features too, like automatic archive unzipping, folder organization, and plain text and html message copying.

GMail itself cannot store E-Mails as a text-file:

With this app you can store E-Mails as a txt-file by forwarding these mails to ...@sendtodropbox.com, even if you use GMail.

Until now I used ClipSave to store E-Mails in Gmail as txt-files.

I think "Send To DropBox" could be a more comfortable solution for this purpose, if the actually 2 disadvantgades will be improved:

  • The text in the txt-files has no line breaks. So, if you read out the txt-files automatically with a programm, these txt-files cannot be used without postprocessing.
  • The folder organisation does not really work: I did not have subfolders of the folder "Attachments" in my tests. All txt-files are stored directly in the folder "Attachments".