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A great, secure alternative to Slack

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Daily Dot has a nice review of Semaphor (and Wickr Professional) as a secure Slack alternative -

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Semaphor are doing a good thing: building a Slack-type app that allows private communication for teams, built around zero-knowledge encryption. Semaphor's owners, SpiderOak, can't see user data, give it away or lose it in readable format to hackers or government agencies.

That said, apps like Stackfield and Peerio aim for the same goal and are a little bit ahead in terms of the functionality their products offer. Peerio offers a team of up to 10 on their free plan, Stackfield has calendaring and other bells and whilstles.

Overall though, I'm happy Semaphor exists. I hope it develops quickly and, more importantly, that people realise that there is a serious privacy and security problem with apps like Slack, which do not respect their users enough to offer end-to-end encrypted communication.