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Fast and simple

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It's not a complete alternative to TOR but so much easier to use and faster.
It's the speed and the long server list to choose from is why I stay with them.
Also positive experience with responsive customer support.


Super gut.

Free and commercial

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SecurityKISS is an unusually straightforward VPN tool (based on OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP) which makes it easy to stay anonymous online.

The first plus point is there's no need to sign up, create an account or give away your email address. Just download the client, install and run it, click "Connect" and you're ready to go.

By default SecurityKISS will provide a server close to your current location, presumably to help with performance. If you'd like another, though, just click "Choose Server" before you connect and make your selection: we were offered servers in France, the UK or US, so this could be very useful if you want to bypass some annoying location-based web restrictions.

The free version has some restrictions, of course. You get only 300MB traffic allowance per day, for instance; performance isn't as good; you can't choose from as many servers; and while browsing works just fine, there's no support for email clients, games, VoIP, music or video streams, amongst other traffic types.

SecurityKISS worked well with basic browsing in our tests, though. And if you need more features or speed then you can upgrade to a commercial plan from around $2.99 a month (the SecurityKISS site has more).


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A really good program. I use the freeversion and there is hardly any speed difference. Had a quick answer to a question and the good thing is you can choose different servers. So far so good, I hope it stays free forever


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I am surprised securitykiss got only 2 likes. It works wonderful with me.

I can even watch Hulu.com via SecurityKISS. Hopefully Hulu doesn't block SecurityKISS too soon. My school has blocked tor. Through SecurityKISS I can get to tor as well.

I am really really happy with SecurityKISS.

SecurityKISS green (free) plan, 300M/day, enough for 2 Hulu video maybe. I've been enjoying "Family Guy" for a few noons. Try to watch in low resolution.

I used Hotspot Shield for a while but it stops working. Maybe my school has blocked Hotspot Shield.